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Vanilla beans are the fruit of an orchid plant, specifically the Vanilla planifolia. This variety produces 99 percent of commercial vanilla. The beans are hand-harvested four to six months after the fruit appears on the vines. Learn more about vanilla bean


Our vanilla beans are ethically sourced directly from small farmers in Madagascar. Madagascar is the world’s top producer of vanilla and these beans are known for their rich and creamy flavor.

Our vanilla beans come vacuum sealed using commercial grade equipment. This ensures freshness for weeks and even years. Each package also contains our signature label and quick storage instructions.

Vanilla beans should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Never put your vanilla beans in the fridge or freezer as this can cause excess moisture buildup and potential mold development. Our beans need to be aired out regularly. Remove each bean from the airtight container once every few weeks, allow the air to circulate around them for a few minutes before returning to the airtight container.For more detailed storage instructions, check out our guide on how to store vanilla beans.

Stored correctly and according to our instructions, premium vanilla beans can last up to a couple of years. However, we recommend you purchase the quantity you intend to use within 4 to 6 months.

Splitting a vanilla bean requires a bit of care. Place the bean on a cutting board with their flat side down, facing away from you. Place the tip of your sharp knife in the middle of the bean, slightly below the curled top. Carefully cut into the bean while holding the top down on the board. Only slice the top layer of the bean. Do not cut through to the other side. Slice along the middle until you get to the end.

Yes, absolutely. Our beans are perfect for making exceptional gourmet quality vanilla extract. The better flavor profile of our beans makes for a richer, more flavorful, higher quality vanilla extract.

Sometimes vanilla beans look like they have a layer of “frost” on them. This is not mold but frosty crystals that developed on the vanilla beans when the vanillin from inside the beans migrates to the surface as the beans are drying. If actual mold develops, discard and replace your vanilla beans as they were not stored properly.

Vanilla Beans are considered a luxury spice due to the labor-intensive process of growing and harvesting them. Each vanilla orchid must be hand-pollinated, and the beans require careful handling during the curing process. Additionally, the demand for natural vanilla products has been increasing, which also drives up the price.Discover our  article about Madagascar vanilla beans  

Our minimum order quantity is 1 lb due to the shipping costs associated with sending our products directly from Madagascar. By setting a minimum order quantity, we can ensure that we cover the shipping costs while still offering you the best possible price for our high-quality, ethically sourced vanilla beans.You can find more information about our shipping and delivery policies here.

The general rule of thumb is to use 5-6 vanilla beans per cup of vodka when making homemade vanilla extract. This will give you a rich and flavorful extract that can be used in a variety of recipes.

Our Madagascar Vanilla Caviar consists of the tiny, flavorful seeds that are found inside the vanilla pod. They are often used in recipes that call for a strong, concentrated vanilla flavor.

Premium Red Grade B Vanilla Beans, also known as extract grade, are best for making vanilla extract. They have a lower moisture content, which makes them a more concentrated source of vanilla flavor.

Yes, our Vanilla Beans are edible raw. In fact, the whole bean can be chopped up or grated into all sorts of dishes. However, they are usually used as a flavoring agent in recipes rather than eaten on their own.

At VanillaNice, quality is our finest ingredient.

We believe in the power of ethically sourced, pure Madagascar vanilla to transform your culinary creations. Explore our product range and discover the VanillaNice difference today!

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