Grade C vanilla beans – Industrial grade

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Want to scale and produce your own vanilla product such vanilla extract or ground vanilla bean .

Meet our industrial Grade Vanilla bean knows as Grade C vanilla beans and “kitsa” or cuts in Madagascar

Cheapest vanilla bean on the market

Product Details:

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Type: Bourbon – Vanilla planifolia
  • Vanillin content: 0,7% to 1.2%
  • Moisture Content: 12-15%
  • Length: All lenght

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Exploring Grade C Vanilla Beans


Grade C vanilla beans are so named due to their smaller size and slightly lower visual quality compared to grade A
and grade B beans.

This classification is based on industry standards that consider factors like length, appearance, and moisture content.

Despite not meeting the criteria for higher grades, Grade C beans hold excellent value for specific applications such as vanilla extract.

and vanilla powder.

Learn more on vanilla bean grades in this article.

Practical Uses of Grade C Vanilla Beans or Vanilla cuts


Grade C vanilla beans are incredibly versatile and cost-effective across various industries.

They’re the key to producing sought-after ground vanilla powder , popular in baking, confectionery, and beverages.

They’re also invaluable for medium to large-scale  pure vanilla extract businesses, known for their robust flavor and cost-effectiveness.

Beyond the kitchen, Grade C beans find their place in crafting organic perfumes, particularly coveted vanilla essential oils, known for their powerful scent.

In the food industry, they’re crucial for creating large-scale, 100% natural, and organic aromas that enhance product flavors.

With their adaptability and economic advantages, Grade C vanilla beans are indispensable in a range of applications.

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Grade C vanilla beansGrade C vanilla beans – Industrial grade
$ 180.00
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