grade B vanilla beans , Madagascar Bourbon-(premium extract grade)

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Experience the rich aroma and robust flavor of our premium extract-grade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Grade B.

The best for making pure Vanilla extract

Product Details:

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Bean Type: Vanilla planifolia –  Extract Grade
  • Vanillin content: min 1,2%
  • Moisture Content: 20-27%
  • Length: All size
  • Beans per kg : 320 to 360

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Unveil the Distinct Character of Grade B Vanilla Beans

Embrace the natural allure of our Grade B Madagascar Vanilla Beans, renowned for their concentrated flavor and rich aroma. 

These beans are characterized by their smaller size and unique imperfections, like splits and cracks, which are hallmarks of their authenticity and enhance their extraction capability.

Bulk Availability for Versatile Uses

Our Grade B Vanilla Beans are available in bulk, catering to a range of needs from personal culinary projects to professional kitchen demands. Despite their rustic appearance, they are a treasure trove for those seeking depth in their vanilla flavors.

Madagascar’s Gift: Premium Vanilla in Every Bean

Hailing from the verdant fields of Madagascar, our beans encapsulate the island’s legacy of producing world-class vanilla. These less polished, yet equally aromatic beans offer a more affordable entry into the world of high-grade vanilla.

Economical Elegance: Quality Meets Affordability

Experience the essence of pure vanilla with our economically priced Grade B beans. Ideal for those who appreciate value without sacrificing quality, these beans are a testament to the saying that true beauty lies within.

The Ideal Candidate for Rich Vanilla Extracts

Grade B beans are particularly suited for creating sumptuous pure vanilla extracts. Their lower moisture content and intrinsic splits facilitate a more efficient extraction process, yielding a vanilla extract that is both potent and aromatic.

Vanilla bean grades is important on choosing vanilla bean uses .

Crafting Your Vanilla Extract: A Culinary Adventure

Turn the art of making vanilla extract into a delightful culinary journey with our Grade B beans. For an in-depth guide on crafting your own vanilla extract, explore the comprehensive tutorial at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Begin Your Flavor Exploration Today

Order your Grade B Madagascar Vanilla Beans now and embark on a flavor exploration like no other. 

Ideal for both home and professional use, these beans are your gateway to discovering the profound depths of vanilla.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grade B Vanilla Beans

What defines Grade B vanilla beans?

Grade B vanilla beans, often referred to as ‘extract-grade,’ are characterized by their lower moisture content, usually under 25%. This attribute makes them ideal for infusing into alcohol-based solutions or creamy bases for making vanilla extract. While their flavor is robust, it is typically lighter compared to Grade A vanilla beans.

Should I choose Grade A or Grade B beans for making vanilla extract?

 For vanilla extract, Grade B beans are the preferred choice. Their lower moisture content means they have a higher concentration of vanilla flavor, making them more efficient for extraction. Grade A beans, with their superior appearance, are better suited for culinary applications where the bean’s look is crucial.

Are Grade B vanilla beans of good quality?

Yes, Grade B vanilla beans are of good quality, especially for extract production. They are also suitable for general baking and cooking. However, for premium desserts or dishes where vanilla’s flavor and appearance are key, Grade A beans might be more appropriate.

Why are Grade B vanilla beans recommended for making vanilla extract?

Grade B beans are favored for extract making due to their drier nature, which leads to a more concentrated vanilla flavor in the extract. Although the extraction process might take longer (often over a year), the enhanced flavor from the Grade B beans is generally considered worth the wait.

How many Grade B vanilla beans are there in a pound?

The number of Grade B vanilla beans per pound varies based on their size. For beans measuring 6 to 7 inches, you can expect about 120 to 140 beans per pound. For those measuring 5 to 6 inches, it ranges from 150 to 200 beans per pound. It’s important to note that for vanilla extract making, it’s more accurate to measure by weight rather than the number of beans

Weight2.2 lbs

1.1 lbs (500g), 2.2 lbs (1 kg), 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), 4.4 lbs (2kg )


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