TK Black Grade A , Madagascar Vanilla

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Experience the exotic with our Madagascar Bourbon TK black (Grade A) Vanilla Beans .

A unique blend of soft buttery flavors and an intense aroma that’s perfect for cooking and baking.

Product Details:

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Type: Bourbon – Vanilla planifolia
  • Aspect : Whole black  , Fatty and Flexible
  • Vanillin content: 1,6 % and more
  • Moisture Content: 25-30%
  • Length: 5-8 inches

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TK Vanilla, with its distinctive red traces,and it  is mainly the vanilla that you can find in premium stores due to its well-balanced moisture and vanillin content

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Unleash the Exotic: Madagascar

Dive into the world of exotic flavors with our Madagascar Bourbon TK (Grade A) Vanilla Beans. These beans are a treasure trove of taste, offering a unique blend of soft buttery flavors that pair well with dairy, orchid, and forest fruits. Furthermore, the intense aroma of these beans serves as a testament to their high vanillin content.

A Symphony of Flavors

Our Bourbon TK Vanilla pods are a product of Madagascar’s rich biodiversity and perfect climate. Each bean exemplifies the natural wealth of the island, handpicked to ensure the highest quality. We employ the traditional Bourbon method resulting in an unmatched, complex vanilla flavor that is second to none.

The Mark of Excellence

These beans are characterized by their high moisture content, ranging between 23% and 28%, and their dark brown to black color. Although there may be occasional red traces, the high vanillin content and exceptional flavor of these beans classify them as Grade A.

The Magic of TK Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Our TK Madagascar Vanilla Beans are not just another ingredient; they are a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. These beans, with their rich, creamy flavor and intoxicating aroma, are a passport to a world of exquisite taste experiences. Ideal for a broad spectrum of culinary endeavors, they can transform the simplest of recipes into a gourmet delight.

 From baking to cooking, and even for creating homemade vanilla extract, these beans are a chef’s secret weapon. Their unique flavor profile enhances and elevates every dish they touch, making every meal a memorable one. Whether you’re a seasoned professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, our vanilla planifolia are the key to unlocking a world of tantalizing flavors.

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According to our standards, there are typically between 300 to 350 beans per kilogram. However, this number can vary depending on the size of the individual beans.


What is TK vanilla ?

TK Vanilla Beans are a specific type of vanilla beans that have been carefully cultivated and processed to achieve an optimal balance of moisture and vanillin content.

 Typically, these beans have around 23-28% humidity, which gives them a unique texture and ensures the perfect equilibrium of moisture and vanillin. 

The result is a pod with a fully developed aromatic profile and flavor. What sets TK Vanilla Beans apart is that their vanillin-to-moisture ratio  in harmony, ensuring a consistently high-quality product. 

These beans are ideal for those who value a rich, well-rounded vanilla experience. Learn vanilla grading in our article vanilla grades or wikipedia 


What is a vanilla bean?

A vanilla bean refers to the elongated, greenish-yellow seed pods harvested from the tropical orchid species, Vanilla planifolia.

These seed pods are plucked before the plant reaches its flowering stage, while they are still unripe.

Subsequently, they undergo a curing process that can extend up to six months, transforming them into the dark brown vanilla beans that are commonly known and used. To create Pure Vanilla Extract, these cured vanilla beans are immersed in alcohol, effectively extracting their rich flavor.

To learn more about Vanilla ,visit our dedicated blog post about The fascinating word of vanilla bean

What are the three types of vanilla Pods?

There are three primary species of vanilla that are cultivated for commercial purposes, namely Vanilla planifolia, Vanilla tahitiensis, and Vanilla pompona

Each of these species possesses distinct attributes that set them apart from one another. Madagascar produce especially the vanilla planifolia species

Why is it called a vanilla bean?

The term “vanilla bean” originates from the orchid plant of the Vanilla genus from which these beans are derived. 

The name “vanilla” itself is derived from the Spanish word “vaina” which means “little pod”. This “fruit” of vanilla was first cultivated in Mesoamerica, a region that includes parts of modern-day Mexico

Which country produces the best vanilla?

Madagascar is renowned for producing the highest quality of vanilla.

The Madagascar vanilla stands out for its intense aroma and versatile flavor profile that enhances food dishes, brews, beers, desserts, vanilla extracts, and much more. Its popularity is largely due to these distinctive traits.

Why are vanilla so expensive?

The high cost of vanilla beans can be attributed to the labor-intensive process of growing and harvesting them, the impacts of adverse weather conditions, and the ongoing demand for natural vanilla bean products

What is inside a vanilla pod?

A vanilla bean comprises an outer shell or “pod”, and the inside is packed with minuscule seeds

When a recipe calls for vanilla pods, it typically implies using the entire bean, including both the pod and the seeds. Learn more about it in this informative video.

Is natural vanilla healthy?

Indeed, vanilla beans are healthy. They are packed with antioxidants which help eliminate free radicals from the body and slow down aging. They also contain magnesium, a vital mineral that balances and relaxes nerves, while boosting “good hormones” like dopamine and serotonin. 

Overall, vanilla is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system and is beneficial for heart health. For a more detailed exploration of the health benefits of vanilla, read this article.

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