Madagascar Pompona Vanilla bean

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Madagascar Pompona Vanilla, cherished for its aromatic richness and exquisite sweetness, presents pods brimming with flavor. With a more fruity and floral aroma than the vanilla we know, it elevates every culinary preparation to delicious heights

Product Details:

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Type: Hybrid ( vanilla planifolia x vanilla pompona )
  • Aspect : whole black or brown bean , fatty , oily and flexible
  • Vanillin Content: 1.4% and above
  • Moisture Content: 25-32%
  • Length: 8 inches minimum
  • Quantity: average 100 to 120 beans per kilogram
  • Color: Black to medium-brown

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A Culinary Gem: The Madagascar Pompona Vanilla Bean


Unveiling the Pompona Vanilla Bean

Madagascar’s Tsy Taitry vanilla is esteemed as a rare and precious variety due to its hybrid origin and unique characteristics, stemming from a cross between the Bourbon vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) and Vanilla pompona.

Thriving in Madagascar’s Sambava region, this hybrid vanilla boasts exceptional flavors and aromas, thanks to the island’s ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil. Its notable size, with pods reaching up to 28 cm in length, marks it as one of the market’s largest and most succulent vanillas.

A Flavor Profile Unmatched

The Madagascar vanilla pompona offers a unique blend of flavors: the intense vanilla essence of the planifolia variety, complemented by the fruity and slightly tangy nuances of the pompona variety, making it a vanilla of unparalleled complexity.

This blend results in an aroma that is more fruity and floral than traditional vanillas, enhancing each culinary application to delicious new heights.

Culinary Inspirations with Pompona Vanilla


Transformative Culinary Uses

The Madagascar Pompona Vanilla, with its rich aromatic and exquisite sweetness, transforms pastries, creams, sauces, and beverages.

This vanilla’s high vanillin content and its complex flavor profile—intense, sweet, and floral—make it an essential ingredient for a broad spectrum of culinary creations.

Savoring the Quality

Each Pompona XL vanilla pod from Sava Region is carefully selected for its exceptional quality.

Native to Madagascar, the Pompona  vanilla is known for its intense aroma and generous size. The pods undergo a meticulous 7-month curing process in crates, ensuring a taste experience unmatched by any other.

Packaged in a kraft zip bag with a transparent window, our vanilla ensures long-term preservation while ready to inspire your most bold culinary ventures.

How to Use Madagascar Pompona Vanilla Pods

Madagascar Pompona Vanilla is a versatile ingredient that can enhance both sweet and savory dishes. Here are some suggestions to make the most of this exceptional vanilla:

  • Pastries and Desserts: Perfect for flavoring pastries, from cupcakes to cakes and cookies.
  • Creams and Sauces: Incorporate Pompona Vanilla into creams, sauces, and coulis for an aromatic and sweet dimension, especially complementing dessert sauces like crème anglaise.
  • Ice Creams and Sorbets: Elevate your ice creams and sorbets with the sweet and floral notes of Pompona Vanilla.
  • Hot and Cold Beverages: Use Pompona Vanilla to flavor hot drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, or add it to smoothies or milkshakes for a hint of exquisite vanilla.
  • Savory Dishes: Enhance curry, fish, and veal dishes with the unique taste of Pompona Vanilla.

Madagascar Pompona Vanilla is not just a spice but an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of flavors it offers, promising to bring a distinctive touch to any dish it graces.


1.1 lbs (500g), 2.2 lbs (1 kg)


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